Our Top E-cig Smoking Guide for Newbies

You have finally been convinced to switch over to e cigs and you are happy to do so as they are healthier. By controlling the nicotine content in the electronic cigarette, you can also control your smoking and even slowly wean yourself off the habit. However, you are not sure how to buy an electronic cigarette. Not to worry though, we have created a short guide that will help you choose e cigarette and understand how to use them.

Buying e cigarettes
We recommend you start by choosing a low-end brand to start with. Almost all companies have starter kits for beginners or novices calibrated with a low dose of nicotine. These kits are designed for beginners who want to slowly switch over to the different smoking technique of an e cig. Once you have accustomed yourself to the parts of a e cig kit, you can then switch over to different flavored vape liquids, nicotine strengths and actual smoking sticks. As a result, we suggest you begin with these starter kits and then switch over to advanced expensive electronic kits.

Using an electronic smoking kit
Now that you’ve purchased an electronic kit, you have to learn how to smoke with the electronic unit. Although the process is almost the same, you still have to get used to the different experience of no heat and no smoke. The first time will feel different as your lungs are used to the smoky dust from a real cigarette. In vaping, the lungs draw in vaporized liquid from the cartomizer in the kit. The liquid is absorbed quickly into the lungs and we recommend you hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds and then draw it into your lungs. Avoid deep breaths and take shallow breaths for the first few times till your lungs are used to the nicotine and the liquid smoking experience. Once you get used to the vape, you can find your own style of vaping. You may also have to get used to the vape liquid. Many vendors usually offer a sample pack that you can use to sample the liquid. Finding the right liquid can be a little problem as your taste buds and your lungs have to get used to the vape experience.

What to expect when you switch over to a vape kit
Once you start on a vape kit, you will immediately notice a difference. Most users have reported lower morning coughs and overall better health. They are winded less and notice a better immune system. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 different chemicals and none of these are present in vape liquid.

As you can see, using eletronic cigarettes is the best way to preserve your health. However, as a newbie, you do require expert help in choosing the kit, the nicotine liquid and the flavor. For this reason, we know you should start your e-smoking experience with us. We stock the best kits and the simplest kits from dealers all over the world. If you want help, all you have to do is call our in-house customer service team and they will assess your needs and recommend the right e-cig kit for your particular requirements. We are reliable, simple and affordable and we should be your first choice. Nothing is simpler than using our website for all your electronic smoking needs.