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Electronic cigarettes are better than normal cigarettes. However, as a smoker, you might have questions about e cigs and their working. As a result, we’ve created this short FAQ page that will answer almost all your questions about eletronic cigarettes.

Are e cig kits expensive?
All manufacturers make a large selection of e-cig vape kits for users. As a newbie, you will find several great affordable kits online. Manufacturers also provide samples of their vape liquid so that you can taste the liquid and then make a purchase. Starter kits are inexpensive but gourmet high-end kits can easily cost about $100 to about $500 or more.

What brand should I choose?
You can choose any brand you want. Usually Chinese brands and vaporizer liquids are cheaper but we recommend you start with USA produced products. These kits and liquids are manufactured according to stringent national standards and you will not find contaminants in them. Locally produced liquids also taste better and are much safer.

How long does a kit start?
A good kit can last for a very long time. However, e cigarette liquids run down as you use them and the liquid is converted into vapor. We recommend that first buy a sample vape bottle to experience the flavor and find out how long it lasts. You can then buy a large liquid bottle for use. Individual mileage or usage will also affect how quickly the vape is used up. You don’t really have to worry about this as you can get replacements from any reliable stockiest website.

Some websites are offering free trials. Can I try them out?
We do not recommend you use these sites. Almost every manufacturer offers free e cigarettes samples but no one gives away entire kits free. The free kit may also be of poor quality and this could affect your overall health. We also recommend that you do not buy from gas stations as these are disposable kits that will only last for 24 hours. Kiosk pricing is also not a good idea. Don’t be fooled by nice products as they come with a high price. Make sure you purchase products from a reliable dealer and it should be fine.

Where can I find expert help?
Online forums and blogs are a great way to find expert help. You can also check with vape forums and websites. But we recommend you use our electronic cigarette articles and our customer support team to learn more about good vape kits. We also offer expert advice on how to use kits and how to choose smoking liquids.

Is buying online is good?
Of course, when you buy from an online retailer like us, we make sure you get the best. We guarantee all our products and the products are also covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you require expert help, we also have an in-house customer team that personally checks every product before it is listed on the website for sale. They will consult with you and even suggest a kit that will fit your requirements. Of course, you can buy your products from anywhere but we do have decades of experience in the field and we know what we are doing. Get in touch with us and we will make sure you get exactly what you want.